Nono Cakes

“ Nonocakes is the largest and most delicious online bakery in the Netherlands.

Our unique, hand-crafted premium pastries will have you craving for more whether you’re a vegan or not. We produce 100% vegan cakes, donuts, pastries and treats with plant based ingredients. We deliver worldwide and in the Netherlands we deliver on the same day of the order.

Do you prefer apple pie, chocolate donut or a cheesecake? We have it all!
Or do you have a specific wish for an occasion? Then you’ve come to the right place.

She started out selling her pastries to the local horeca and expanded to the rest of the country short after to reach as much people as possible. Fast forward, Nono Cakes is the first completely vegan pastry supplier to not only offer country wide, but also same day delivery to consumers in the Netherlands. ”

Do you have an order that you would like to have customized? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

Countrywide Delivery

We offer country wide pastry delivery in the Netherlands.

Premium Quality

Our premium quality products will have you craving for more whether you’re vegan or not.


Our donuts, cakes and other pastries are made with 100% plantbased ingredients.

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