Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. Our goal is to make vegan options that taste just as delicious as their traditionally non-vegan counterparts. We will use the ingredients that help us the best in achieving this goal, which means they will not always be the healthiest option. But it’s VEGAN PASTRY, and you are allowed to splurge sometimes!

Yes, in exchange for the original Coca Cola recipe. Sounds like a fair deal doesn’t it? All joked aside; because of business secrecy we will not disclose any information about our recipes.

If it's in the Netherlands, yes we can. We have country wide delivery! The Wadden Islands are the only exception because of the boats in between. Please contact us if you would like a delivery to one of the islands.

That depends per place of residence. If you do not receive your orders within 2 days .. please contact us.

We sure do! Please send us an email with your wishes (pictures are very welcome) and contact info to hello@nonocakes.com. We will contact you as soon as possible to talk about the possibilities. Please be sure to mention the flavor, design and amount of people it should be suitable for and consider the processing time.

We do not have our own store (yet). We are a pastry supplier. You can order directly from us online or visit one of our partners.

We want to make sure we can offer the same quality, so as if now we do not have any gluten free options. This might change in the future. Be sure to follow us as we will make it known when do.

We can’t tell you as we would have to close our business if we do… nobody wants that!

It depends on what you're ordering. Most orders can be delivered the next shipping day (Tuesday til Saturday). For custom orders we advise to contact us at least 1 month in advance. The bigger the order, the more time we need to make sure you get the best of the best. For a large (wedding) cake we would advise to place the order at least 2 months in advance.

That being said, we will always try and schedule your order even if it's last minute. So please feel free to contact us either way!

We would advise against this. As we do use nuts in some of our products, cross contamination can not be excluded.




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